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FAQ - Newborn Sessions

What is the First Step?
If you are pregnant and planning on having newborn photos taken, Please contact me BEFORE the baby is born, and let me know your due date well in advance. I STRONGLY recommend to reserve in advance, as I try to leave some wiggle room before and after your due date, incase the baby is early or late.

What is the best Age to do the session?
The best results are captured within 5-12 days old, while babies are generally more sleepy and flexible.

What is the Cost and Whats included?
Please see package details under Packages and Pricing.

Where is the Session?
I have a studio located in the upper floor of my home at 581 Parliament St. There is a sign on the door to go in. Sessions can be done in your home, but props will be very limited.

How Long is the Session?
The Session usually lasts anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the babies willingness to sleep. Usually we will spend about an hour during the session trying to get the baby to settle as well as nurse or feed and change.

How do we dress the baby? What do we bring? What should we wear??
Please dress baby in easy to remove clothing such as a zippered sleeper and a semi loose diaper. Be sure to bring lots of extra diapers and bottles if not nursing as baby will eat more than normal as we are working with them. I recommend wearing either all black or all white tops for the family photos. (Or co-ordinating clothing) Don't worry about your little one, most images will be done with them nude, or wrapped.

Can I bring props?
Yes, I will try to use any props that you bring. However, please let me know in advance what you have, so that I may plan how to use it in advance. I do have all the props we will need, so you don't have to bring anything if you don't have it. ( I have headbands, hats, wraps, baskets, blankets and furs!)

How do I prep for the session?

Feed baby when they are hungry. No need to adjust their schedule. You may need to feed here more than once. I have a couch, chair, fridge and bottle warmer in my studio :)
Bring a Soother, If you bottle feed, bring PLENTY. Baby will eat more then normal during the session. And Diapers. Bring LOTS of diapers!
Room Temperature will be kept very warm for babys comfort while nude. So please bring a change of clothes or dress in layers. I have a fridge stocked with water,  etc. Please help yourself.
Session is 2-3 Hours, but can go as long as 4 Hours. Please plan accordingly. I do have a TV with netflix in the studio.

This should be a fun and easy experience. Your baby will sense stress. So try to not put too much pressure on yourself!

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